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Hi! Kuntal

Kuntal Shukla -Kittu

Hi, my real name is Kuntal, but most of d Friends know me better by the name Kittu. This is me in the pics :-)). Well, a bit about me, I'm a simple down to earth guy, having a friendly nature! Any time you can find about Me (Kuntal ' Kittu ') on Orkut, Hi5, Facebook, Yahoo 360, Blogger, InstaBlogs Community, LinkedIn, Wikipedia, Wikimapia and many more Places.

Kuntal Shukla Kittu Shukla D Cool Guy Picture of Kuntal- Kittu D DJ

कुंतल शुक्ला
' कींट्टू '

Kuntal, Kittu, Kitz U
can find me

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Pradeep Kr. Sharma (PD) said...

Its weird or somthin but I like it... :-)

Kuntal Shukla said...

Great PD urf Praddy,,, :-)

Well dear,, i wasn't much aware of this blog thing... so was jus experimentin,, my experimetns with it r still goin on ;-)

May b that is what made you feel like ... weird .... lol :-))

NeWys Thanks for the Coment...

Anonymous said...

Nice Images Darling :X ....

I am One of Ur Vast Fan list ... ;-))

Adonis said...

Hey Kittu... :)

site funda said...

looking foreword to read more from your blog, nice blogs!

Kittu said...

Thank u site funda,

lookin forward for more encouraging comments. :)

June Angle said...

The difference between a successful person and others is not a lack of strength, not a lack of knowledge, but rather a lack in will.

Gladys Shaw said...

hi. just droppin by to say hello.

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