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┌Π┐ ♪•°o»»----->> http://kuntal.shukla.blogspot.com/ ┌Π┐

♪•°o»Kittu 'D Who Cares Guy' ® ( D Name Was given to me in my First Company.. !! ;-)) n I think d nXT Name in d nXT Company 'm gonna earn is ... ♪•°o»"PJ King" ® :P well well well,, !! I've Already Earned this Name in iMART .... NOW Wht in d nXT one..???? ♪•°o»
╠[ Well Now Just Got IT On Friday 31 Aug 07:)
♪•°o» The ╠╣Handsome §Speci Guy. ]╣ ®
lol /\/ice One /\/a???

Well ma Real Name is __§__!ღ•♥~Kuntal Shukla~♥•ღ!__§__ But most of D Frenz know me by d name ' kittu ' :-) !! Well Wht i say bout me,, hmmm,, Here is Wht Ppl Say Bout ME»»
¶♪♪» Some Ppl Say 'm cUtE
¶♪♪» Some Ppl Say 'm cOOl
¶♪♪» Some PPl Say 'm hOt
¶♪♪» Some Ppl Say 'm hAnDsOmE
¶♪♪» Some Ppl Say 'm nAuGhTy
¶♪♪» Some Ppl Say 'm sExY
¶♪♪» Some Ppl Say 'm kiDDiSh
¶♪♪» Some Ppl Say 'm sTuBBoRn
¶♪♪» Some Ppl Say 'm aDoRaBlE
¶♪♪» Some Ppl Say 'm eGoIsTiC
¶♪♪» Some Ppl Say 'm kInD
¶♪♪» Some Ppl Say 'm aRRoGaNt
¶♪♪» Some Ppl Say 'm hUmBlE
¶♪♪» Some Ppl Say 'm rUdE
¶♪♪» Some Ppl Say 'm nIcE
¶♪♪» Some Ppl Say 'm sHy
¶♪♪» Some Ppl Say 'm tAlKaTiVe
¶♪♪» Some Ppl Say 'm kHaDooS
¶♪♪» Some Ppl Say 'm pAkAu

But Most OF D Ppl Say 'm ♪•°o»A gOOd FrIeNd ღ•♥~!!!

۞ ۞ Yeah I know 'm §‏‏↔§ Friendly §‏‏↔§ But Hey I can Take The Initiative Only Next Depends on U....
۞۞ N Those Who Donn Wanna Take Me D Way I'm I'd Simply Say ‏‏↔♪•°o»F€ΨЌ OFF ‏‏↔‏‏↔!!!~~!!!
hmmm now A lil ViEw of LiFe

۩۞۩ Life is Like a Mirror, It Reflects Back 2 U !!
If U'll Cry, IT'll Cry, If U Smile, It Smiles Back 2 U !!!
♪•°o»So.... Keep Smiling Frndz... (*,)
~~ Bole Toh Bindaas Jeene Ka, Tension Nai Lene Ka...!!! ~~

۩۞۩ LiV WiD No ExcuseS & LuV WiD No RegretS,
WeN LifE GiveS U A 100 ReasonS To CrY,,
ShoW LifE ThaT U'vE A 1000 ReasonS To SmilE !!!

۩۞۩ NOTE:♪•°o»: [ iTs All EaSy To SaY bUt HaRd To fOllOw ] :-)) ®

Kisi Ki Muskurahaton Pe - Lyrics

(Kisiki muskuraahaton pe ho nisaar
Kisika dard mil sake to le udhaar
Kisike waaste ho tere dil mein pyaar
Jeena issi ka naam hai) -2

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Kuntal Shukla
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