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You Know what Kuntal Means?? To know check this post--> Meanings of Kuntal & Related Words

Meanings of Kuntal Related Words

Meanings of Kuntal Related Words

Hi Every one..! In Hindi the meaning of Kuntal is Hair (Baal in Hindi & Julfein in Urdu), you better say 'Kesh' or 'Lattein'. You would have heard in Hindi Literature, mentioned somewhere as 'Kaale Kuntal' that describes Black Hairs (or Kaale Baal)!

Most of The People Get Confused with the Term 'Kuntal' with 'Quintal' (used as measurement scale). But hey I am neither hair nor quintal, I'm simply kuntal lol~ie kittu D Great! Well, here are some other words originated from Kuntal and their meanings in Hindi Language.

  • Kuntal - Hair
  • Kuntala (kuntal+a) - One with Beautiful hair (or Luxurious hair )
  • ManiKuntala (mani+kuntal+a) - One whose hair is like Gems
  • ShaKuntala (sha+kuntal+a) - Brought up by Birds
I know only these much, if any of you know more .. then plz post on comment or mail me :)) I'll appreciate it :))

'm waiting for more suggestions about these words.. so please tell if u know more..!!
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1 comment:

kuntal said...

hii..!!! my name is kuntal as well.
n i have been told tht kuntal means curly hair.. coz krishan ji's hairs were curly n so he was also being called as kuntal....

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