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Kuntal weds Isha: Marriage Invitation [27 November 2009]

 Kittu - Isha Wedding
With new dreams, new hopes, new aspirations and a desire to achieve new horizons we are stepping into a new beginning of wedded life… Spare us a day in November when your calendar shows Friday, the 27th, 2009 to bless us and share our joys.

Please treat this as my personal invitation and grace the occasion with your esteemed presence.
 Kuntal Weds Isha
 Kuntal - Kittu's Wedding Invitation Card  Kuntal's Marriage Invitation Envelope  Kitz 007 Love

 Kittu weds Isha
 Kittu's Marriage Invitation Card Envelope
 Wedding Invitation from Kuntal's Family
 Isha Weds Kuntal
 Wedding Invitation from Isha's Family  Kuntal Weds Isha

I(Kittu) and Isha, along with our family cordially invite you to attend & be with us in happiest moment of our life.



Project Kuntal weds Isha
Scope - Larger than 7 births
- Forever
Release Date
27th Nov 2009.
Implementation Partners
- GOD,Parents and YOU.......
Modules covered - Happiness, Trust, Joy, Care, Love, Smiles... (Can be enhanced in Future)
Marriages are made (Customized) in Heaven...BUT Implemented on our own Planet earth.

So please be there to shower your wishes and make our day very special with your esteemed presence.

The Itinerary is …………..

Marriage Date : 27th Nov 2009, (Friday)
7:00 PM
: Kartar Guest House & Hotel, Fazalganj, Kanpur

"If I had wings of a kite or Superwoman's Flight" I would have been there personally to Invite... But I have none so please consider this Invitation as a personal one....

This day we are united, In love, loyalty and friendship.  
For yesterday's memories, today's love, and tomorrow's dreams.

Kuntal & Isha

(¨`·.·´¨) Always
  `·.¸(¨`·.·´¨) Keep
(¨`·.·´¨)¸.·´ Smiling!
  `·.¸.·´ Join us on our wedding
The Story The Engagement
 Kuntal - Isha Marriage


Shekhar Sahu said...


Tony said...

Very cool, I had no idea you had got married. I wish you all the very best my friend, and hope that life will bless your lives together.

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