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Our Love Story in Her Words: Kittu-Isha ki prem kahani [Kisha]

Lovely expressions of Isha [Kisha]: Our Love Story in Her Words, Isha ki Jubani


Ek pyaar ka nagmaa hai... maujo ki ravaani hai... zindagi aur kuch be nai, teri meri kahaani hai…

 Kisha - Kittu - Isha Love Story Love is dew that falls on both nettles and lilies… this heavenly dew embellished us with a feeling of oneness and completeness. Umm, no, Am not saying my story is a very special one or it's one of the best Love stories in the world. But it’s a story which will involve u in deep silence of our love and make u swirl n dance in the love rain.

Love knows no boundaries, no distances. Who knew a simple girl from Jaipur will one day meet her “Sapno ka Rajkumar” (prince of her dreams) not from her home town but far away from city of Noida. Thanks to this electronic age n Reliance India Mobile, “dooriyan ban gyi najdikiyaa” :D

A relation started from just a telephonic friendship, start taking the shape of attachment. Someone who was just a friend start becoming someone very special…and the Day comes when both of us meet for the very first time in the beautiful rains of august… 'Hum kuch sharmaaye hue..kuch ghabaraaye hue the'… but still I was feeling so secure n comfortable in his presence. I was feeling such as we have already met before  :) A cute, innocent handsome boy took my breath away n I started realizing that am in love. His innocent smile, his soft touch make me feel as if I was in heaven. :-)

Par ye picture ka anth nai… picture abi baaki thi mere dost… And that was the beginning of our journey…… Kuntal is a person true from heart, and has a very special position in my heart, his face is true reflection of his heart. In past 3 years, I felt, by his actions, he never tries to make me feel very special, but his feeling of dedication and affection towards me makes me feel the most special person. He never flirted with me nor forced me for anything, instead he pamper me like a small child... that is why he genuinely occupied a special position in my heart.

These expressions made me realize that he is the one I wish to spend my whole life with. He is so special that no one can take his position and at last I myself proposed him for marriage, It feels funny… A GIRL PROPOSING A BOY  . And then the journey begin was filled with my annoying instances. A lot of pain and emotions..we both struck in dilemma whether to choose family or love… but true love overcomes all obstacles of your path. And one day our parents also realized that we are made for each other… I sincerely accept that I personally have many problems which on one hand can turmoil ones life or on other hand may not affect at all, but this is Kuntal who genuinely accepted all my faults and promised me to be with me always 
Isha, Kuntal Officially Engaged AND AT LAST DAY COMES 21 Sep 2009 Kuntal Shukla finally got engaged to me, me n only me Isha Mathur… TO Lead a beautiful step towards our new journey. MARRIAGE (27.11.2009)

For all you readers, it appears to be a very simple story… but dear friends, this is the irony, love can’t be simple, It is always special for all those who are already in love and will be very special for those coming lovers in future... 

“KISHA”(Isha Mathur)

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